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Immigrant Rights Campaign


We fight for the right to legal residency for all recent immigrants! The La Conexión Immigrant Rights Program is a three-pronged effort to: 

  1. Build power at the base by educating, informing and organizing the immigrant community;

  2. Build solidarity structures to support the immigrant community;

  3. Work for policy and institutional change to create welcoming, safe and inclusive communities.


Northwest Ohio Immigrant Rights Network

The NW Ohio Immigrant Rights Network is made up of organizations, faith-communities, and other groups and individuals acting in solidarity with the immigrant community to build humane, just, safe, equitable, and welcoming communities for all.

In February 2019, La Conexion convened a group of organizations and faith leaders about the idea of forming a network that would expand the solidarity work initiated by the La Conexion Immigrant Solidarity Committee in 2017. At that meeting, the NW Ohio Immigrant Rights Network was formed. The Network has continued the very successful work of the Solidarity Committee educating the public on immigration related issues and advocating for necessary legislative changes.


  1. Achieving a just, clear, and equitable system of immigration policies which decriminalizes migration, includes a pathway to legal permanent residency for those who are already members of our community, better serves our local economies, and respects the value of families, diversity, and human dignity.

  2. Empowering immigrants and immigrant-based organizations to fully participate in our region by eliminating the legislative, social, linguistic, and economic barriers which restrict their ability to achieve success for themselves and their families.

  3. Enriching our region by building a more equitable, safe, and inclusive culture which welcomes and retains new immigrants and develops environments where we all can live and thrive.

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